Handmade market stand made of stained wood in 1:12 scale


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Handmade market stand made of stained wood in 1:12 scale

Handmade stained wood market stand in measure, measurements: 23 x 17,5 x 2,7cm.
The disassembled market stand is delivered in a box with instructions.
Including following accessories :


5 Advent calendar    
1 Advent wreath    
1 Colored piece, oblates picture    
1 Candy bag    
1 Angel on comet    
1 Angel crepe    
1 Angel with trombone    
9 Wrapping paper roles    
2 Fiberglass piece    
1 Candle    
2 Candles in box    
1 Children in the snow 3D    
1 Cradle 3D    
1 Gingerbreads m. little doors    
1 St. Nicholas 3D    
1 Snowmen in box    
2 Stump candle    
2 Cotton wool picture    
1 Christmas postcards in box    
1 Zinc bucket with ribbon and flower arrangement  

This collection contains works by the following artists:
Roswitha Gottwald, Gabriele John von Freyend, Lilo Konopka, Carmen Küspert, Hans-Jürgen Seitz, Hildegard Völkl
Minor changes in size, color and shape are due to manual work and do not give any rise to complaints.


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