Die traditionsreiche Puppenmanufaktur Erna Meyer stellt seit 1945 in reiner Handarbeit einzigartige Biegepuppen für das Puppenhaus her.

Made to Order

On request, we can individually customize a doll that is tailored to your specifications, in the dimensions you want according to your description or pictures.

Below you will find examples of dolls already made to special customer order:


erna-meyer Puppenmanufaktur - Marcella

For the Brücke Museum in Berlin "Marcella" was made in June 2013 based on a painting by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner..


Image source: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Artistin – Marcella, 1910, Öl auf Leinwand, Brücke-Museum Berlin

erna-meyer Puppenmanufaktur - Magartehe Steiff


Also on request, I made a doll from a photo of Margarethe Steiff. As in the original photo, there is even a Teddy Bear sitting on her lap.




A woman from the black forest - size 14,5cm.



We will gladly make you individual doll on request, please contact us by clicking on the link and using the following form: Contact